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Chocolate Strawberry No-bake Quinoa Cookies

This recipe is very versatile. It makes for a great snack or treat but it is also great as part of a breakfast meal! These are packed with good fats, fiber, and plant based proteins to keep you satiated and satisfied. They also have no added sugar or artificial sweeteners!


- 1/2 cup cooked quinoa

- 1/2 cup rolled oats

- 1 tbsp. coco powder

- 1/4 cup freeze dried strawberries

- 2 tbsp. almond butter


  1. boil quinoa (about 1/4 cup dry) according to directions

  2. in a bowl, mix oats, coco powder and almond butter. You can add 1-2 tbps water as needed to mix but be careful! You don't want to soften the mixture to much.

  3. add 1/2 cup cooked quinoa to mixture and stir until fully combined.

  4. chop strawberries into chunks

  5. fold strawberries into mixture

  6. form dough into 8 equal sized cookies (I like to form them into 4 larger cookies for a easy on the go breakfast cookie)

  7. store in airtight container in the fridge


makes 4 servings (2 cookies)

Calories: 109 calories

Fat: 6g

Carbohydrates: 11g

Protein: 4g

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