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About McCall


There is nothing I love more than seeing fitness and a healthy lifestyle have such a profound impact on peoples life's.


I specifically find so much fulfillment in witnessing clients improve in self confidence, mental health, strength, and overall health. I am grateful for every opportunity to be a part of this life changing experience for my clients. Fitness really has so much power to improve day to day life. However, it also carries so much ability to heal and grow mentally and emotionally at the same time as physically.

I personally found my love for fitness in the sport lacrosse. When I was about 16 I got up the courage to step into a martial arts gym for the first time and pursue my interest in boxing. I fell in love and never turned back! I love to compete in the ring and everything that comes with it! 

I began experimenting with weightlifting to improve my boxing and again, found it life changing. This interest soon grew into a passion for powerlifting. 

My goal is to help every client I see to find a style of training that they truly enjoy in the way that I have.

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